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Original video found at Performance. Reference grade, neutral audio reproduction. Enjoy the Objective2 with the ODAC 24 bit dac. With 600mW of output power, The O2 will drive any headphone on the market.NwAvGuy’s Objective 2 by JDSLabs and Epiphany Acoustics. They sound a bit thin to me to be honest, I just feel like I am missing out on something using the O2. It isn’t bad sounding, and I’m sure lot’s of people love it, but I’m not one of them, I’m missing something to enjoy what I’m hearing.Thusly, we’ve the Objective2 Rev.B: a USB DAC and Amplifier combo in one unit casing that rivals much more expensive USB DAC models from various other audio companies. Mayflower also offers a 10 year warranty on each O2 and tests each unit thoroughly before shipment, just in case you were wondering. The Build[This year is the 20th anniversary of Cape Cod Light by Michael Hattersley. The other parts of this series are here. Michael loved Cape Cod, and shortly after my mother and brothers moved into his Brookline apartment he and David Harkins finished their house at the top of Miller Hill in Provincetown and he began spending weekends there.